Sephora Professional Makeup Brush Set

Hello beauty lovers! It’s been a hectic week for me with finals, projects and getting ready to move this weekend! I can’t wait till I’m all moved into my new apartment. I have been working on beauty projects since 2 pm today and now it’s almost midnight. I’ll take a break and talk about my new Sephora Professional Makeup Brush set! It’s my first professional makeup brush set and I love it. The set has a great variety of  brushes used for every type of make up application. My two favorites are the “shadow” and “smudge” brushes. I love the shadow brush for applying a shadow all over the lid. It applies evenly and works well with almost any shadow. The smudge brush is great for a seductive, smokey eye look, which is one of my favorite eye make up looks! I got this set on sale for $100 on and it’s originally almost $300. I was super ecstatic about this deal! I’m not sure if it’s still up on Sephora’s website, but I’d recommend checking it out. It’s at an amazing price for a professional make up brush set! ! It’s a great set for beginners as well. Well hope everyone is having a fabulous night! Xoxo 🙂





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