Smashbox Photo Finish Oil-Free Primer

Hello everyone! I just had an extremely long and stressful day, but still ready to blog! The cable guy fixed my Internet, so that’s a plus. I also presented a presentation tonight in my Beauty Marketing and Finance class, I hope it went well! I’m finally home to relax and talk about Smashbox’s Photo Finish Oil-free Primer. Smashbox is known for their amazing array of primers and how awesome they work. I can definitely agree on that because I love their Photo Finish Oil-Free Primer! It makes my foundation glide on flawlessly and stays on for so long! It comes in an easy to open tube and a tiny pea size of product is enough to cover your whole face. This product is super smooth and silky. You’d think because of the product’s texture that it would leave your face oily, but it doesn’t at all! This product is perfect for oily, combination and normal skin. It leaves absolutely no residue. If you’ve been looking for an awesome primer that stays true and pure then go for Smashbox’s primers! You definitely won’t be let down! Xoxo 🙂




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