2012 Beauty Trend: Imperfection

Hello everyone! Today, I was searching for 2012 beauty trends and the most interesting one I came across was the beauty trend of imperfection. For so long, perfect, precise face makeup and perfectly curled or straightened locks have been so popular. Now it is “trendy” to be imperfect. No more long mornings of spending over an hour to get ready, just take under 15 minutes to create an imperfect look. Smudgy eye makeup and pinched cheeks are all the rave. Spray some beach sea salt spray into your hair for a messy, tousled look and go. Get rid of your curling iron and straightener because you can be sexy without them. Terry Barber of MAC cosmetics says that the look is more,”coming home from the party,” and less “going out to the party,” quotes from New York Times. If we think about it, this look is so much easier to create and takes so much less time and effort. You can set your alarm clock 30 minutes later! No more hitting snooze. Choose fun, funky lipstick shades, such as an orange or hot pink, and skip out on the lip liner. Let your eyebrows grow out, so that you have a more natural look and not so much an over-plucked, thin shape. The smokey-eye has also been a very popular trend lately, but now, skip out on that. Go for a just got out of bed look and swipe brown mascara at your eyelash roots and dot brown pencil in between. Keep your hair very low maintenance. Throw your hair up into a messy bun for a bed-head vibe that is easy, yet sexy. Lay off a lot of hairspray and stay away from super tight, polished pony tails. Messy is the way to go with this imperfection look. Don’t wash your hair every day to keep your hair looking healthy. Washing it every day strips your hair of natural oils, which isn’t good. Your date won’t be waiting hours for you to get ready anymore. It will be so much more convenient. Have fun and stay messy! 😉


Kristen Stewart, ShoppingLifestyle.com


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